December 17, 2019


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Most contractors hate those lead providers that sell you leads that just don’t convert. At Easy Bids, we sell you the job, not a lead! We save contractors thousands of dollars a year in gas, productivity, labor, and maintenance by allowing you to bid from the comfort of your home or office. Easy Bids takes a small % of the job ranging from 1 to 5%, which is paid upfront by the customer when hiring their pro. It’s really that simple. Join Easy Bids today to let us help you take your business to the next level! It’s free to join and free to bid. Happy Bidding!

The go-to tool to find a variety of projects with the liberty to work with your choice of customers!

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Based on the customer provided project description, picture & video references, select your project and from there, our easy bids partners spring into work to get you accurate dimensions, so that you can begin bidding. It's that simple!
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Assess the project requirements and submit your pricing details, timeline for project completion, etc.
Win & Start the project!
Once the bidding closes, the customer will select the contractor of their choice based on reviews, credentials, and years in business or price. Receive the notifications through our app and get started!

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