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Frequently asked questions

by Service Providers

The customer pays the fee up-front to log in the job, however, it is subtracted from the total bid price.
NOTE: When inputting your bid price, the system will advise you of your net amount after the small Easy Bids fee.

  • 1000 or less = 5%

  • 1001 to 2500 = 4%

  • 2501 to 5000 = 3%

  • 5001 to 15000 = 2%

  • 15000 and up = 1%

Customer pays you directly. You will provide the customer with a final invoice, job description and schedule of values.

If the customer agrees upon the change order pricing, they will pay you directly.

The customer and contractor will receive relevant contact information to schedule a site walk,once the customer hires the contractor.

Customer inputs jobs details, contractors bid, customer hires you and you begin…It’s that simple!

Upon final site walk, the contractor will provide the customer with a final bid, outlining the scope of work and payment scheduled. Once the customer signs and pays, the contractor should begin work

Several ways. For outdoors, we use aerial footage to capture measurements of roofs, windows,solar, gutters, patios, fencing, decking and more. For indoors, we use augmented reality to measure anything from cabinets, floors, doors, and much more.