August 1, 2018

How it works

Easy Bids was created to connect the best service professional in a certain area to serious customers looking for home improvement. Weather you are trying to landscape your backyard or an entire remodel, Easy Bids helps you navigate through all the uncertainty of finding the right contractor for the job. Easy Bids provides all the information you need in selecting not just who is right for the job, but who is right for you.

From background checks, ratings, price point, years in business or time it will take to get the job done, Easy Bids gives you the ability to select which is best. No more asking a friend, no more long hours on the computer researching and no more paying lead companies to connect you to a few service providers.

It's this simple

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  • your project will go out to hundreds of service professional in your area.

  • with the information you’ve provided each service professional will have an opportunity to make a bid on your project

Now, its up to you as the customer, to select which the best bid

Intelligence being served!

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The Easy Bids company is a win for both consumer and provider. The customer gets the pick of the top service professionals in their area while the service provider can have the ability of making a bid from a far without wasting time and money driving to the site.

Service provider or “Pro’s”, can do away with buying old leads. The only way the contractor will accrue a cost is when the job is awarded. Easy Bids understand that measurements are critical when providing accurate bids. That is why Easy Bids has partnered with a satellite imagery company to give the most accurate measurements for the exterior of the home. From driveways, roofs, side walls, windows, landscaping, decks or overall plot map this technology provides accurate measurements that will be automatically sent to each service professional. This will help them create a bid that is as accurate as possible. Easy Bids has also created a virtual tape measure, using your phone to accurately measure the interior dimensions of your home.

For any job inside your home, when using the Easy Bids app all you have to do is point, click and send! In today’s world, convenience, cost and choice is what Easy Bids is striving for. Easy Bids, the way home improvement should be.